Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Anwar will Amal\'s best film\": Prithvi

Young superstar Prithviraj who is currently shooting for Amal Neerads Anwar in Cochin has very high hopes for the film. Amal has discussed almost everything about the film with me. Though almost every film claims that it has a social responsibility, this is one film that actually deals with such an issue, Prithvi said in his interview with a prominent film magazine. Anwar would be Amal Neerads best film as yet. I wouldnt say that this would offer the viewer an experience that he has never had till now. But I can guarantee that this would be a really good film, Prithvi added. What is wrong for me might be right for you, and viceversa. The film would be an analysis of these rights and wrongs based on facts. Anwar would be a fresh expercnce, because it is a suspense stopry that realistically views certain human conditions, the actor concluded.

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