Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ranjitha intended to marry Nithyananda Swami

Lured by the charisma of Nithyananda Swamiji, Tamil film actress Ranjitha seemed to be keen on getting married to him. When that idea proved not feasible, she joined hands with Lenin Kuruppan, car driver of the Swamiji, to get her intimate scenes with the Swamiji secretly videographed to blackmail the Swamiji, according to sources. Ranjitha was learnt to have been introduced to the Swamiji by one Sudha, an ardent devotee of the Ashram and daughter-in-law of senior actress K.R. Vijaya about three years ago. From then on Ranjitha began visiting the Ashram often. Being estranged from her husband, an army officer, Ranjitha sought solace from the Swamiji but slowly fell for his charisma and even had decided to shift from Chennai to Bangalore, according to sources. Getting closer to the Swamiji day-by-day, Ranjitha raised the topic to get married to the Swamiji. At one stage she had even cited the example of Vidyabhushan Swamiji of Udupi Mutt who had renounced sainthood to tie the knot. Extremely confident of convincing the Swamiji, Ranjitha wanted to snap her ties with her husband Rakesh Menon and their divorce case was lying in the court. Surprisingly, even Lenin Kuruppan was quite close to Ranjitha referring her as sister-in-law. Unfortunately, the Swamiji had refused to give consent to Ranjithas plan of marriage and even began neglecting her after developing friendship with another woman. The disgusted Ranjithas pleas fell on the deaf ears of the Swamiji, according to sources. Swamiji in exile, fears for his life Bangalore, Mar. 9- Nitya Sa-chidananda, one of the senior disciples of the sex-tainted Godman, Paramahamsa Nithya-nanda, has claimed that their Swamiji is in exile for security reasons. Addressing a press meet in Bangalore, he said that the Swamiji was somewhere in Kumbh Mela going on at Haridwar. He refuted all allegations and claimed that modern computer graphics made it easy to manipulate images and all this was the work of disgruntled elements.

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