Monday, March 1, 2010

Innocent is not innocent as a man: Azhikode

Sukumar Azhikode aimed his guns at actor Innocent the other day, when he said that Innocent was not as innocent as he seems. He said the dictionary also attributes other meanings to the word innocent; like one who has no sense, for instance. The actor is just proving that he is living up to the meaning of his name. Azhikode was interacting with the media at a press conference at Kozhikode. Innocent had requested Azhikode to refrain from getting involved from the Thilakan controversy and to stay at home chanting the raam naam. Azhikode said it just proved Innocents senselessness further when he made this comment. Its not old people who chant the raam naam, but people with faith in their hearts. Gandhiji used to chant the raam naam because he was a believer in Raam. Azhikode also said Innocent had no right to ask him to keep his mouth shut. He would continue to express his opinion as long as the Indian Constitution exists. \"I have always criticized the wrong. I had done this from the time, when I was twelve, and I would continue doing so,\" Azhikode added. Azhikode also made fun of Innocent for having suggested that his language was bad. He said Innocent was the second person who said so. The firs person was Kuttikrishna Marar. On Marars advice he had tried to improve his language, that has become a good one. However during the last week, it has deteriorated again, because of his interactions with people like Innocent. Azhikode also said it was false to say that he charged for his speeches. He just charged for transportation and nothing else. On an average he gets around hundred invitations per month to speak, and reduces it to about thirty. If he were to charge for his speeches, he would have long become a billionaire.

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