Monday, March 1, 2010

\"Am suspected Ganesh Kumar is behind the people who attacked me: Thilakan

Thilakan said that he suspected K B Ganesh Kumar MLA to be behind the people who attacked him at Pathanapuram. Thilakan was speaking to members of the press at Cherthala. Thilakan said that it was a person who claimed that he was Ganesh Kumar\'s personal assistant who had hurled abuses at him, and who had attempted to manhandle him. Thilakan said that he has just responded to Ganesh\'s comments that it was not right on Thilakan\'s part to speak against AMMA since he was getting a pension from the association. In reality, he hasn\'t received any money from AMMA for the past one and half years. It was regarding this matter that he had spoken at Pathanapuram. Thilakan also supported Azhikode yesterday and said that the general public held him in high esteem. Those who were abusing Azhikode will be despised by the public. He also said that he had nothing to say about Innocent who claimed to have understood nothing after reading Azhikode\'s books.

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