Monday, May 17, 2010

FEFCA suspects MACTA behind the bomb blast

FEFCA President B Unnikrishnan said that FEFCA suspects MACTA to be behind the blast that happened at the shooting location at Kuttikkanam. A few members of MACTA had repeatedly asked the shooting to be stopped and had created problems at the location. Therefore, FEFCA thinks that MACTA might have a hand behind the blast. However director Vinayan, the MACTA President dismissed the allegations as baseless, and said that the association had no involvement in the incident. Members of MACTA were simply protesting against their being denied jobs. Vinayan also demanded that an inquiry be held into the unfortunate incident. Earlier in the day a bomb had gone off at the shooting location of the film Aathma Katha at Kuttikanam, destroying two vehicles.

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