Saturday, August 7, 2010

Best South Indian Oscar

The toughest competition was on before a month and the fans across various states have voted their favorite actors and technicians. The category for �Best Actor is the most knotty thing to decide as the nominees have surpassed with on their respective arenas. Say for instance, Kamal Haasan broke the clich�s of his yesteryear images and came up with a challenging role in �Unnai Pol Oruvan�. Suriya established him in extremely action-packed role with �Ayan� and for Jeyam Ravi, �Peranmai� was an exceptional showpiece. Prakash Raj has already won National award for his best performance in �Kanchivaram� while Aarya�s overpowering performance in �Naan Kadavul� was far beyond brilliance. Keep logging to this column and we�ll bring you the latest updates of the 57th Filmfare awards all set to kick-start this evening

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