Tuesday, June 29, 2010

\"My admiration to Mohanlal makes me to join Khandahar\" :BigB

Amitabh Bachchan, back after a refreshing holiday with family in London, will be facing the camera to shoot for a Malayalam film based on the 1999 Kandahar Air India flight hijack episode with Mohan Lal in Ooty. Bachchan flew to Coimbatore this morning and travelled to Ooty by road to join the cast and crew of the film being directed by Major Ravi. Big B said even though the language will be Malayalam, his character in the film is North Indian so he will be speaking in Hindi, with an odd sentence in Malayalam. Now that shall be tough, but effort shall be made, lets see what happens, he wrote on his blog. As soon as he landed in Coimbatore, the Bollywood legend turned nostalgic and tweeted, Doing this after ages..Nostalgic.. So many movies shot here.. Family holidays with kids.. The actors role in the film will require him to shoot for three days and has declined the charge fee for his work.

�My admiration for Mohanlal could never have made me refuse this offer and so I do it for him, BigB says. �Mohanlal has been and still is one of the most incredible talents from Kerala and the Malayalam film industry. I have admired him and his work through many years of my existence in this profession. He has a unique body and face language. You get the feeling that he is doing nothing, yet it results in the most amazing results � natural, without effort and effective. Just such a joy to watch him,� he wrote. The offer for the yet-to-be-titled project came to Amitabh when he went to Kerala to attend the celebration of sound technician Resul Pookuttys Oscar victory last year. �It was there that Mohanlal, a guest at the occasion, had come up to my room with his director Major Ravi to put up this idea and this proposal. A few weeks later, they all came to meet up with me in Mumbai to set up all the details for the shoot,� he posted. The 67-year-old is working for free in the movie.

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