Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thilakan has threatened to commit suicide.

Thilakan, who is fighting against some mafia groups in the Malayalam film industry for allegedly denying him job opportunities, has threatened to commit suicide. If the government is not taking adequate action against those who are denying me jobs, I am planning to start an agitation before the house of the State Cultural minister M.A. Baby. And if the agitation doesnt prove useful, I am even ready to go to the extent of committing suicide, Thilakan said. Notably, the State Human Rights Commission recently filed a case based on a complaint filed by social worker Noornad Sreekumar that veteran actor Thilakan was denied opportunities and the right to work. The case is now on hearing. Meanwhile, Thilakan said: I am planning to bring the continuous job denial practised against me by various organisations in show business to the notice of various organs of government. At present, I am accumulating sufficient proofs so that I can satisfactorily prove my case.

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