Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Vijay has purchased the film Kavalkaran outright

Vijay was the only person shocked after seeing that the trailer of his film Sura was lifted after the 13th day of the release of the film. Suras trailer was replaced by Singam trailer. The film was taken out of the theatres on the 25th day of its release. Vijay who had the knack of making his film run for 100 days in spite of its failures was not able to do this time, though he held the Chennai city rights. Hence, Vijay has purchased the film Kavalkaran outright. The reason for this that he didn�t want the Sun Pictures to acquire the rights and the second thing is that he wanted to set right the losses incurred by the distributors by releasing Sura. He has planned to act in a film and give the distributors at a low price

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