Thursday, June 24, 2010

No glamorous roles\": Ananya

There is something unique about Ananya, as her name suggests. After making a sensational debut with Samuthirakanis Tamil superhit Nadodigal, the bubbly young actress has been doing more films in Telugu and Malayalam. In an exclusive to TOI, Ananya says, �My character Nallamma�s eccentricities in Nadodigal and her deep love for her �mama� gave me a fantastic reach and an image among the mass audiences. Now, I have to maintain that image. I�m sure that my next release Seedan will be appreciated by my fans. Seedan, directed by Subramaniam Shiva, is said to be a remake of the Malayalam film Nandanam. Ananya has bagged the crucial heroine role, the pivot around which the film revolves. However, Ananya states, �I�m not authorised to speak about Seedan. All I can say is that my role is beautiful. I play a village girl called Mahalakshmi (also called Maha), who is a servant working in a big household. The director (Subramaniyam Shiva) has made my character come alive on screen and I�m sure audiences will love it.� The buzz is that Ananya�s scenes with Dhanush, who is making a cameo appearance in the film, is going to be its highlight though they are not romantically paired. Meanwhile, the actress is also excited about her role in the Malayalam film Shikar, where Mohanlal plays her father and Sneha plays her foster mother. Says she, �It was an education to act opposite Lal sir, who gave me valuable tips on acting. However, I have no scenes with Sneha as she appears during my childhood in the film.� Ananya has made it clear that even though she is getting a lot of offers in Tamil, she is very choosy about what she does. �I look more at the character and the way I�m presented on screen. I will not do glamour roles as it does not suit my style and body language. In Tamil cinema, glamour means wearing revealing clothes, which I�m not comfortable with,� signs off the actress

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