Saturday, July 31, 2010

I will bring Yakshiyum Njanum at any effort\" :VInayan

Alleging harassment by the Kerala Film Chamber of Commerce and the Kerala Film Producers Association, film director Vinayan has said the release of his latest movie, Yakshiyum Njanum, is being blocked by the �industrys elite influential class. Addressing a press meet here on Thursday, Mr. Vinayan said the Film Chamber said that the Censor Board had certified the film in violation of rules as the Chamber had not given any clearance for the film. He said that Board had made it clear that film certification did not need clearance from the Chamber and that it had been certified legally. Even so, the producer of the film had approached the Film Chamber in October 2009 to ensure the release of the film, said Mr. Vinayan. But the Chamber failed to respond to the request, he added. �It is clear that the Film Chamber and the Kerala Film Producers Association are adamant about blocking the release of the film, said Vinayan. He would approach the Court if needed and surely bring out Yakshiyum Njaanum on screens as Onam releases with any big releases, he added.

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