Friday, July 30, 2010

Yakshiyum Njanum screening blocked

It appears that the troubles for the controversial personality Vinayan are still on for a while. The latest news is that his new movie �Yakshiyum Njanum has landed in a legal trouble. Apparently, both Vinayan and the producer are not members of the Film Chamber so their project has not been given a public clearance which means that the release of the film will be stalled. Vinayan from his end is approaching the High Court for this.

Vinayan has alleged that the release of his film Yakshiyum Njanum has been blocked by a caucus including the superstars of Malayalam cinema. The film was slated to release today (July 30), but has not made it to the theatres. Vinayan requested Chief Minister to clear his stand in this matter. In his statement yesterday, Vinayan added that he will not put the blame on cultural affairs Minister MA Baby, since his interference earlier made things worse. Vinayan was about to release the film after getting a censor certificate. However the Kerala Film Chamber blocked the release as Vinayan did not have the publicity clearance certificate from the chamber. The chamber executives informed that according to the regulations, only films with publicity clearance certificate from the chamber can be censored. The buzz on Yakshiyum Njanum is positive. The film has newcomers in the lead- Gowtham, Shyam, Meghna Nair and late actor Rajan P. Dev�s son Jubin Raj is debuting as the villain Sajan Madhav, son of late music director Raveendran, has also made his debut as a music director with some haunting numbers

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