Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sonu as heroine in \"Oru Cinema Katha

Sonu says it is the biggest film in her two-year-old film career. And rightly so. She is acting opposite Megastar Mammootty in Oru Cinema Katha. The films shooting starts on June 3 and Sonu will be in Kerala for five weeks as it is to be completed in just one schedule. Her preparation for the film includes watching Malayalam movies. I have been given around 15 Malayalam films to watch. I am watching films of Padmapriya and Mohanlal today. I play a music teacher in the film and they wanted an innocent face. After the photo session with make-up, I was told I suited the role, Sonu said. Asked if she would match Mammootty on screen, Sonu said, The filmmakers wanted a photo session for that reason alone. I was made to wear special make-up. My challenge now is to put a credible performance in front of such a big actor as Mammootty. The film directed by Martin Prakatu is touted as the Onam release of Mammootty this year. Sonu is not conversant in Malayalam and is not sure if she would be asked to dub for it. They want a sober and subtle performance for this role. The only exposure to Malayalam for me is through the films I am watching. I cannot become fluent like this. However, I am giving this my best shot, she said.

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