Tuesday, April 6, 2010

\"Superstars are scared of young star Prithviraj\": Thilakan

Thilakan is out again after a brief period of silence and has lashed out against the superstars. In an interview with a private channel, he said that the superstars are scared of young star Prithviraj. It is because of this that they are making use of fans to howl in the halls where Prithvis films are playing. Prithvi is one of the most macho stars in the new generation of actors, Thilakan said. He also knows how to speak properly. And above everything else, he is Sukumarans son. It is this boldness that has prompted Prithvi to speak in support of me, Thilakan added. Prithvi had earlier spoken in support of Thilakan when he said that it was not right to ban any actor from films. He had also said that he had refrained from expressing an opinion on the matter till now, because nobody had asked him an opinion

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