Tuesday, April 27, 2010

He wouldn\'t commit suicide: Sreenath\'s brother

In a shocking twist to Srinaths tragic demise, his brother Sathyanath alleged today that he suspected foul play behind the actors death. Sathyanath was speaking at a press conference at Trivandrum. Sathyanath said that the relatives of the actor would lodge an official complaint to the Chief Minister and Home Minister, requesting them to bring out the truth behind the actors untimely end. Sathyanath said that they were hundred percent sure that Srinath would never commit suicide. Therefore, what has to be found out is whether somebody else did it, or pressurized him to do it. Sathyanath also said that the makers of the film Shikar did not even show the courtesy to inform them of the actors death. He also alleged that somebody had threatened the actor that he would be thrown out of the film, if he did not get a membership in AMMA.

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