Tuesday, April 6, 2010

\"Only fools would expel an actor like Thilakan\": Azhikode

Prominent orator Sukumar Azhikode reacted to the news of Thilakan being expelled from AMMA, by saying that only fools would expel an actor like Thilakan from the association. Azhikode lashed out against Mohanlal once again and said that though the actor had used his army uniform for commercial purposes, no action has been taken against him. Azhikode said that definitely Thilakan has not committed as grave an offence as the one Lal has committed. Azhikode also asked if a military rule was prevailing in AMMA that the association took such a drastic decision. He said he wished the members of AMMA behaved like adults and not like children. The least that they could have done is to take Thilakans age, experience and temperament into consideration. One does not just expel an actor of such great repute, just because he has called the association a mafia organisation, Azhikode said.

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