Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mohan Raghavan :The man behind T D Dasan

Not many knew Mohan Raghavan before his maiden venture, T D Dasan Std VI B, hit the screens. Now the writer-director is being talked about as one of the talents to look forward to in Malayalam films. His film was noted for its honest and sensitive portrayal of a simple story about a young boy named T D Dasan, living in a village in Palakkad, who writes a letter to his estranged father. The letter never reaches his father, but Dasans life changes when a girl posing as his father replies to the letters. In this exclusive interview, the director talks about his film, the response to it and the difficulties that he faced while making it. Mohan Raghavan happy with the response to your maiden venture. In fact, it has done better than he ever expected. But he would have liked more people to watch it. The number of people who have actually watched the film is quite less.

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