Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lenin Rajendran supports Thilakan

Director Lenin Rajendran has made it clear that he would offer Thilakan an opportunity to act in his films, if there is a role that suits him, irrespective of who is opposed to the actor acting in films. Lenin was speaking at a press conference in Dubai. Only fools would deny an opportunity to a great actor like Thilakan. Its certainly not right to ban an actor from acting in films, the director said. Lenin also said that a trade unionism that is akin to the kind of unionism that the head-load workers had a few decades back is prevalent in the industry today. I have not commented on the Thilakan controversy till now. This is because I see the whole thing as a joke. Because an issue that concerns the association must have been solved within the association itself. What happened instead was a washing of the dirty line in public, Lenin said. I am often told that there is a segregation based on caste in the industry. I am not interested in all this, he concluded

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