Tuesday, April 6, 2010

\\\"I don\'t want to be a member of AMMA anymore\" : Thilakan

Thilakan on a prominent news channel after being expelled from AMMA for life, said that he didnt want to be a member of the association any more. This association will not let an artiste progress. Every decision that the association took today against me was preplanned. I wasted 5000 rupees as taxi fare to come to the meeting, that I should have given away to the poor and needy. Doing a job is a fundamental right. Denying it is not a right thing to do. I have talent that is inborn, and an experience of fifty four years in the acting profession. This is why they are scared of me. Also, I will react when I see something wrong. Why was I not made an executive member of AMMA till now? Thilakan asked. He said that he didnt really need an AMMA or a FEFCA to carry on acting. Within a month there would be announcement of a new film in which he would do the chief role. If an association displays mafia like qualities,then what should I call it? I would call it a mafia organization and not a flower. Today after my expulsion, it is clear that AMMA is a mafia organization, Thilakan said. Thilakan also said that today he knows who his real friends are. Truth will definitely reign supreme. He said that he was considering legal action against AMMA now, and added that he has already filed a case against FEFCA

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